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Eating-Clean   If you are new to eating clean, it can be pretty tricky trying to find resources to help you get started or even to stay on track, so I’ve put together a list with some of my favorite resources to share with you:



Recipe Galleries:





        • Raw Foods:  The Rawtarian* (ebooks, recipes, meal plans, online courses, video tutorials, shopping lists, members only forum)
        • Vegan:  Vegan Delish (iphone app with over 150 delicious vegan recipes)
        • Paleo:  30 Day Guide To Paleo* (ebook, recipes, meal plans, tips and tricks, shopping lists, forums and online support)  Although I personally don’t eat meat/seafood/poultry, etc, I do follow the other principals of the Paleo diet (no dairy, no refined sugar, no grains, etc).
        • Detox:  The 21-Day Sugar Detox* (21-day tool kit, bonus guides, bonus resources, 240 page recipe book  and more)

* I am an affiliate for these resources and will receive a small commission if you purchase anything from these sites which will help support The Healthy Family and Home website.




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