Organic Raw Nori Sheets


I searched high and low to find not only “organic” Nori sheets, but Nori that hadn’t been affected by the Japan nuclear disaster.  After spending a lot of time online looking for safe Nori, I finally found some that I felt comfortable with and at a really good price at:


The following information is from their website:



The Tsunami disaster occurred off the northern coast of Japan on the Pacific Ocean side.  Our Nori growing site is in a 4000 acre Certified Organic growing area located below the southern tip of Japan in the Sea of Japan near the China coast.  To be classified as Internationally Certified Organic growing waters, the area is weekly tested and must have an minimum of 3 year continuous “Clean” results to make this classification.  The “ECOCERT” program based in France, is much stricter then the USDA Organic program.


The prevailing winds and currents near Japan, travel from south to north, eventually circling around and head from north to south down the western coast of the United States.  Even though there was virtually no threat to our geographic location, our factory conducted Daily Radiation Testing early on with continued testing still ongoing.  All tests have shown 100 % non detectable results.


In addition, we send samples to an independent Lab located here in the U.S. (New Jersey)  We test for 16 different isotopes of Radiation and have been found 100 % non detectable in all categories.


Please be assured that our Raw Organic Nori is safe and unaffected. We will continue to monitor our supply to ensure the safety of our customers.”



From the “Organic Raw Nori Sheets” website:

“Our Raw Organic Nori is:

  • Certified Organic  USDA/ ECOCERT
  • Certified Kosher
  • RAW – Untoasted and uncooked
  • Sealed package of 50 sheets for freshness
  • Package has a Zipper Lock Seal to reseal and retain freshness

Our product is USDA / ECOCERT Certified Organic, as well as Kosher Certified. In addition, we also test at a independent laboratory here in the U.S. for more then 450 potential contaminants including pesticide residues and heavy metals, as well as 16 different Isotopes of Radiation.  Our Nori has come out 100 percent “Non Detectable” in every single category.

These are full size sushi Nori sheets. They come sealed in a package of 50 sheets.”


Ordering online was easy and I received my order promptly.  The more packs you buy, the lower the price per pack.  1 pack is $15.29, 2 packs are $14.99/pack and 4 packs are $14.79 per pack.  Each pack contains a generous 50 sheets!


I came across another website that had 10 sheets for $9.95 and 50 sheets for $35.95. What?!  Not good.  Just order from and get your organic raw nori and save money :)


Nori is a superfood that is an excellent addition to a healthy diet.  It can be used to make raw and vegan sushi, wraps or even crumbled and sprinkled over a salad for a nutritional boost.  It’s the perfect friend for a raw vegan because of it’s calcium, protein and Vitamin B12


5 Fast Facts About Raw Nori:

  • has high quantities of Vitamin B12
  • protein mixture of 30-50% of amino acids (1/3 being protein and another 1/2 being fiber)
  • high in calcium
  • high in iodine
  • contains 12 different kinds of essential vitamins


Nutrition Information:

  • Calories:  10
  • Total Fat:  0 g
  • Saturated Fat:  0 g
  • Trans Fat:  0 g
  • Cholesterol:  0 mg
  • Sodium:  0 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates:  1 g
  • Dietary Fiber:  1 g
  • Sugars:  0
  • Protein:  1 g
  • Vitamin A:  8%
  • Vitamin C:  6 %
  • Calcium:  <2%
  • Iron:  2%


Ingredient List:  100% Certified Organic Seaweed