Raw Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

Raw-Vegan-Cream-of-Mushroom-SoupIt just doesn’t get any easier than this my friends.  A raw, vegan cream of mushroom soup that can be made in less than 5 minutes in a Vitamix and is full of fresh flavor.

I guess one reason that people would use canned soup is for the convenience, but when it’s just a matter of putting all the ingredients into your Vitamix and turning it on until it’s mixed, there just isn’t any excuse.

And, the trade off for that convenience in the form of toxic ingredients just isn’t worth it.

Here are the ingredients from a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup:


  • Corn, Cottonseed, Canola and Soybean Oil  – well known and documented GMO ingredients.  Unless it is labeled “organic” or is labeled “non-GMO Project Verified”, we can only assume it’s made from GMO products.
  • Wheat Flour – not good if you are gluten-free or trying to avoid wheat products
  • Modified Food Starch – is prepared by physically, enzymatically or chemically treating native starch, thereby changing the properties of the starch (source)
  • Flavoring –  a sneaky way for companies to hide ingredients they don’t want you to know about
  • Salt – processed, toxic iodized salt
  • Soy Protein and Soy Lecithin – well known and documented GMO ingredients.  Unless it is labeled “organic” or “non-GMO Project Verified”, we can only assume it’s made from GMO products
  • Cream/Milk – if it’s not organic, it’s from cows that have been given antibiotics, hormones, fed GMO grains, etc.
  • Yeast Extract – a taste enhancer and another form of MSG (source)
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – you do not want to be eating this or worse serve it to your children (source)
  • “Campbell Soups” are a part of the Campbell Soup Family which contributed $179,545 to oppose the labeling of foods containing GMO’s (source)

If the ingredient list was strike 1, then the BPA-lined can would be strike 2 and the fact that Campbell’s Soup Company contributed $179,545  to oppose GMO labeling and your right to know what’s in your food would definitely be strike 3.

Sorry processed, GMO fake soup.



5 Fast Facts About Mushrooms:

  • excellent source of potassium
  • rich source of riboflavin, niacin and selenium
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • provides anti-inflammatory benefits
  • good source of antioxidants

5 Fast Facts About Onions:

  • rich source of healthy sulfur compounds
  • excellent for cardiovascular health
  • inhibits bone loss in women
  • can help reduce blood pressure
  • can help lower blood cholesterol levels

5 Fast Facts About Cashews:

  • packed with dietary fiber
  • rich in “heart friendly” monosaturated fatty acids
  • rich source of minerals
  • high in magnesium and copper
  • excellent source of antioxidants

5 Fast Facts About Avocados:

  • excellent source of vitamin E
  • contains 25 essential nutrients
  • contains 2 – 3 times the potassium as 1 banana
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • can help lower cholesterol levels

5 Fast Facts About Garlic:

  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • anti-bacterial and analgesic properties
  • anti-viral
  • can help lower cholesterol levels

5 Fast Facts About Pink Himalayan Salt:

  • contains 84 minerals
  • unrefined, unprocessed, raw
  • promotes stable pH balance in cells
  • controls water levels in the body
  • aids digestion and facilitates better nutrient absorption








Tip #1:  I used 1 cup of cashews instead of 1/2 to make sure it was extra thick and creamy and it was!

Tip #2:  If you want it slightly warmed, you can blend it in your Vitamix for about 2 minutes.


Raw Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup (Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo-Friendly, No Refined Sugar)

www.thehealthyfamilyandhome.com The Healthy Family and Home


  • 2 - 3 cups purified or distilled water
  • 2 cups organic mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup organic onion
  • 1 cup raw organic cashews (soaked for 15 - 20 minutes)
  • 1/2 organic avocado
  • 2 cloves organic garlic (freshly crushed)
  • 1/3 tablespoon organic thyme
  • 1/2 teaspoon pink himalayan salt


Step 1 Put all ingredients in a Vitamix and blend until creamy and well combined (blend for 2 minutes if you would like it slightly warm).

Garnish with leftover mushrooms, parsley, or black pepper.



Recipe source:  http://lalaraw.com/recipes/raw-vegan-cream-of-mushroom-soup/


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8 comments to Raw Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

  • I am always looking for non-dairy versions of some of the basic soups for my dairy free girl! Will add this one to my collection.
    Thanks so much for linking up over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party. Hope you’ll be back this Saturday again! Leigh Anne

    • Karielyn

      Hi Leigh Anne! I’m glad you found a recipe you’d like to try and it’s super easy to make too.

      I ~love~ your Linky Parties and am so glad to be able to participate.

      Thanks for visiting…I’m a big fan of your website :)

  • Homemade soups are always SO much better than canned, especially after you breakdown the ingredients in canned soups. Thanks for sharing a soup that truly is simple, convenient and AMAZING!


  • Daniel

    I just found your website and have been salivating over some of these recipes! I was just wondering what kind of mushrooms you used? I love different types of mushrooms so I was going to try a blend of cremini, shitake, and white button . . .

    • Karielyn

      Hi Daniel! I usually get the sliced baby bellas which I what I’m pretty sure I used in this recipe.

      I bet the blend you want to use will taste awesome…I might try that combo next time I make it!

      Thanks for stopping by ;)

  • Becky

    Your photos are SOOOO lovely! Where do You get all these incredible dishes? So beautiful! So artfully arranged! And Your camera must be the best! YOU ROCK!

    • Karielyn

      Hi there Becky! Thanks so much! I am a bargain shopper so I am always on the look out for unique and cheap dishes. Believe it or not, I find most of mine at garage sales and thrift stores…those are my favorite places to find them.

      I even bought my camera second hand off eBay…it’s definitely not the best, but it gets the job done! ;)

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