The 3 Day Suero Gold Probiotic Cleanse


I finished my 3 Day Suero Gold Cleanse by Beyond Organic and I am so happy to share my results with you.

There are actually 3 different levels of cleanses you can choose from:  Bronze, Silver and Gold for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Because I have fasted and cleansed in the past, I chose to go with the Gold Cleanse, which uses the Suero Gold Probiotic Cultured Whey Beverage.

First, you will receive a box with (18) 16 ounce bottles of whichever cleanse you choose.   (I chose the Suero Gold this time).  The beverages were nice and cool when the box arrived, but they will need to be refrigerated as soon as you receive them because they are perishable.

Next, get ready to start your 3-day cleanse the next day!


What Does Suero Gold Taste Like?

The best way to describe the taste of the Suero Gold is it has a tart taste to it just like plain, unsweetened yogurt, but is in a liquid form.

How Do I Do The Cleanse?

The way the cleanse works is you drink (6) 16 ounce bottles of the Suero Gold Probiotic Cultured Whey Beverage each day for 3 days and nothing else.  Beyond Organic has prepared a short booklet called Suero Cleanse that describes the cleanse in detail.

What is Cultured Whey?

Cultured whey was prescribed by Hippocrates to his patients over 2,400 years ago.  It has a long history and is considered a nourishing “traditional food”.

Consuming green-fed, organic cultured whey is 100% different than drinking a glass of processed, conventional cow milk from factory farmed animals.  Not only is it a clean, high-quality organic source of cultured whey, but it comes from ethically treated cows and not a mass-produced factory farm.

Here’s a really interesting article I found explaining the history and benefits of cultured whey titled “Cultured Whey“.

If you are hesitant about consuming a dairy product, want to get serious about your health or learn why cleansing is so important, please watch the video below.  I promise you, it will be the best 26 minutes you will spend today.

The history and health benefits of cultured whey just cannot be dismissed.



Nutritional Data:

  • Calories:  50
  • Total Fat:  0 g
  • Trans Fat:  0 g
  • Cholesterol:  0 mg
  • Sodium:  73 mg
  • Potassium:  352 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates:  12 g
  • Dietary Fiber:  0 g
  • Sugars:  9 g
  • Proteins:  0 g
  • Vitamin A:  0%
  • Vitamin C:  0%
  • Calcium:  11%
  • Iron:  0%

Ingredient List:  Pasteurized GreenFed organic cultured whey, probiotic cultures.


So now that you know how good cultured whey is for you, now it’s time to read my honest report on how my first 3-day Suero Gold Cleanse went:

Day 1 Cleanse

Recorded starting weight

8:30 am – Drink #1 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

10:30 am – Drink #2 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

12:45 pm – 1/8 cup of raw cashews, 8 ounces purified, distilled water (110 calories)

1:00 pm – Drink #3 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces  (100 calories)

3:30 pm – 1 cup of organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)

5:15 pm – Drink #4 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

7:30 pm – 1 cup of Yogi Detox tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)



  • Total Calories:  510
  • Total Fluid Intake:  88 ounces
  • Total Potassium:  2,816 mg
  • Total Weight Loss for Day 1:  2.8 lbs
The first half of the day was NOT good.  I was hungry, had a headache and didn’t think I was going to make it.  But after lunchtime, I wasn’t really hungry anymore and I guess I adjusted.  I will say this…when I did finally drink my Suero Gold, it tasted very nourishing to me.  Not like when I drink water just to satisfy my thirst, but felt like I was drinking something my body needed. I should have drank more than the four I did, but I will see how the scale looks in the morning. That is the only thing that keeps me motivated.

Day 2 Cleanse

6:30 am – 1 cup of organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)

8:00 am – Drink #1 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

9:00 am – 1 cup purified distilled water – 8 ounces (0 calories)

10:30 am – Drink #2 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

12:00 pm – 1 cup purified distilled water – 8 ounces (0 calories)

1:30 pm – Drink #3 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

2:00 pm – 10 raw almonds – (50 calories?)

3:45 pm – 1 cup of organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)

5:15 pm – Drink #4 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

7:00 pm – 1 cup of organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)

7:30 pm – 1 cup quinoa w/kale, onions, sage, pink himalayan salt, apple cider vinegar (172 calories)

8:30 pm – 1 cup purified distilled water – 8 ounces (0 calories)


  • Total Calories:  625
  • Total Fluid Intake:  104 ounces
  • Total Potassium:  2,816 mg
  • Total Weight Loss for Day 2:  2.0 lbs
The second day was much better and I almost had to remind myself to watch the clock and drink my next Suero Gold, and I only drank 4 again today instead of 6.  I was VERY motivated by the 2.8 lb weight loss after cleansing the first day. I did good all day right up until dinner time. I made a new recipe for the rest of my family and felt like I needed to taste it to make sure it was coming along ok.  So I was going to take just one bite (quinoa).  I guess since I hadn’t eaten food in two days, that one bite turned into about a cups worth.  The sad thing is, I wasn’t even really hungry, but after I ate that first bite, I just couldn’t stop.  So, I felt bad about that but I didn’t eat something really really bad.


Day 3 Cleanse

7:00 am – 1 cup organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)

8:30 am – Drink #1 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

10:00 am – 12 raw almonds (50 calories?)

11:30 am – Drink #2 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

1:30 pm – Drink #3 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

3:15 pm – 1 cup organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)

3:30 pm – 10 raw almonds (50 calories?)

5:00 pm – Drink #4 – Suero Gold Drink – 16 ounces (100 calories)

7:15 pm – 1 cup organic green tea – 8 ounces (0 calories)



  • Total Calories:  500
  • Total Fluid Intake:  88 ounces
  • Total Potassium:  2,816 mg
  • Total Weight Loss for Day 3:  0.0 lbs
Today was easier to get through the day…probably because my body was getting used to it and also because mentally I knew it was the last day.  I did have two very small servings of raw almonds throughout the day and I didn’t have any weight loss at the end of the third day.


Cleanse Results:

These were the highlights of my 3 Day Suero Cleanse:

  • I lost a total of 4.8 lbs.  Yes, I realize it was probably just fluid, but it was extra fluid that needed to leave my body and hopefully it took along with it any toxins that needed to go.
  • Because it was only a 3 day cleanse and not long-term, I was able to do it successfully and will be more motivated to do it again on a regular basis.
  • It was easy to follow and no food preparation was needed – just grab a bottle and go.  You’re done.
  • If I would have drank the extra 2 bottles per day as directed, I would have had an additional 200 calories and probably would not have strayed with my raw almonds.
  • It forced me to drink the appropriate amount of fluids daily, which I had started straying away from.  I used to drink over 90 ounces of water throughout the day, every day and have started to get lazy about it.  By doing this cleanse, it got me back in the habit of drinking fluids which keeps my body hydrated, being less bloated and feeling satisfied.
  • I was able to identify a lingering food issue.  This was one of the most important benefits to me in doing a cleanse.  By not eating wheat or grains for 3 days, my stomach bloating, fatigue and sluggishness was gone and I know without a doubt is was because I eliminated the grains, specifically wheat.  I know this because every other time I’ve done a fast and eliminated wheat, the symptoms went away and then reappeared again as soon as I reintroduced wheat back into my diet.
  • By giving my body and digestive system a rest for 3 days, I was more motivated to follow portion control and eat better because I felt like I was starting from a clean slate.


Cleanses and fasts are good to do periodically.  A short 3 day cleanse is perfect.  A cleanse or fast will clear your mind and body, motivate you to eat better and start removing years and years of stored toxins in your cells.


UPDATE:  After I did the initial 3-day cleanse, I ordered another case (12) of the Suero Gold and another case (12) of the SueroViv Green to have on hand to drink one or two throughout the day.  It is my goal to try to do a 3-day cleanse each month going forward.  Because I got back into the habit of drinking at least 90 ounces of fluid each day (combined with the 1-2 Suero drinks I drink each day), I have lost another 2.8 lbs.  I have found this cleanse very helpful if you have problems with fluid retention or bloating.

Why Cleanse?

“Every day you are exposed to some type of toxin – whether it be environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, household cleaning products, chemicals found in drinking water or food, heavy metal, aluminum from cans, and radiation from microwaves and cell phones, just to name a few!

Many other health conditions such as fatigue, joint discomfort, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and even brain fog can be linked to excessive toxicity. Certain toxins are stored in your fat cells.  This provides even more incentive to do what most Americans struggle with:  exercise regularly which can help with both your weight loss and cleansing goals. Toxicity is a major reason why many Americans can’t lose weight.

And, toxicity doesn’t just affect adults! It’s also causing great harm to our children.  Childhood cognitive issues have skyrocketed the past 20 years and more children are overweight today than ever before.  We believe a major reason for this is due to the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. And this can even start at birth!

The American Red Cross examined the umbilical-cord blood of 10 newborn babies and found an average of 287 chemicals including methylmercury and dioxins.  This is a result of toxins that are passing on from mother to child. With our daily toxic exposure on the rise, we need to take the time to cleanse our bodies, and our cells, on a regular basis.” (source)


From the label:  “Cultured whey has been prized for thousands of years – but is virtually missing in our modern diet.  Beyond Organic revives a classic..Suero Viv.  SueroViv is a whole food, living cultured beverage that literally means whey of life.

We start with certified organic cultured whey from our GreenFed dairy cows and combine with citrus, organic carrot and organic green juices, along with organic honey and organic essential oils for a healthy and delicious beverage that is abundant in electrolyte minerals and B vitamins.

SueroViv is a cultured (or lacto-fermented) beverage that contains probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes, along with important nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium”.

I Want to Cleanse!  How Do I Start?

There are currently three different 3 Day Suero Cleanse Plans to choose from starting at only $63 per cleanse:

  • Bronze (Raspberry Lemonade and Citrus) For first time cleansers
  • Silver (Green, Citrus, Orange Cinnamon, Gold) For an intermient cleanse
  • Gold (Gold) The most advanced cleanse

The way the cleanse works is:

  • Choose the plan you will cleanse with
  • Drink 6 – 16 ounce bottles of SueroViv each day for 3 days

You’ll be getting 96 ounces of nutritional fluids per day while hydrating and cleansing your cells!




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    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Dan! I have attached a link for all the Suero products with their description, ingredients and prices here:

      The shipping is going to be based on the weight of your order so I would go into the site, type in what you are interested in ordering and let it calculate the shipping to give you an estimate.

      Thanks so much for your question 😉

  1. Jocelyn Young says

    I just want to order the 3 day cleanse (Suero Gold) but don’t want to be a member or involved, I just want to order the cleanse for me and 2 of my friends. Can you help me do that and tell me the total cost including shipping to Hudson, WI?

    Thank you.

  2. Patti says

    What should I expect during the three day cleanse? Will I need to stay close to a bathroom or will I be able to go through my regular daily schedule?

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Patti! You will be able to go through your regular daily schedule. I, personally, did not experience any “run to the bathroom” side effects. The only time I would think that could be a problem is if someone were intolerant to dairy and “running to the bathroom” is what normally happens when they consume dairy. Everyone is different and reacts to foods differently so I can’t say 100% that it wouldn’t happen, but under normal circumstances, I would say no. And, it’s not designed to have a “clean out” effect in that way either.

      With my cleanse, I experienced the typical effects of when I do a liquid only fast…a mild headache, a little weakness and hunger. Those were mostly on the first day while I adjusted. I just made sure I drank extra water and sometimes added a small handful of raw nuts (which isn’t recommended).

      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions 😉

  3. Nia says

    The 26-min. video you referenced is blank. Can you please provide the link?

    Thank you for the health tips & recipes. 😉

  4. Shirley Blackwell says

    Hello Jordan, I enjoyed listening to all your information on it your video but I would like to order bronz starter. I have looked all over your website but can’t find any place to place an order :/?

  5. sean says

    I am committed to a 10 day fast to kick an auto immune disease–can I combine the fast with enemas and if so what kind (coffee)?


    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Sean! I’m sorry…but I’m not qualified to give you advice about combining a fast with an enema…you may want to check with your doctor or health care professional.

      However, if you choose to do a coffee enema, I recommend the coffee from this article: that is organic and is the enema coffee of choice of the Gerson Research Organization.

      Thanks for your question and I wish you success with your fast :)

  6. carol says

    I am dealing with auto-immune, leaky gut, and candida. I have heard to avoid fermented foods, and have also been told to eat them. I don’t want to feed the yeast. Can you explain if the Sureo Gold is a good choice.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Carol! I’m sorry you have the health issues you are dealing with. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with them or am I able to advise what to eat while treating them. What I would do is take the ingredient list to the doctor that is treating you and see if it would be a safe and approved food for you to consume.

      I’m sorry I am not able to help you with this question, but hope you are able to heal quickly :)

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Franca! The Suero Viv cleanses are no longer available directly from the Beyond Organic website, but they are available from this website:

      I’m not sure if they can be shipped to Australia but you can check their website or contact them directly to see what locations that they can ship to.

      Thanks so much! 😉

  7. Mistake says

    I ordered these a month ago and was waiting to do a 3 day cleanse this weekend. They have been sitting next to my desk in the box. i guess i wasted a bunch of money because I didn’t refrigerate them. I thought if they were sealed they were fine- actually I didn’t even think about it. What and idiot and what a waste of money. I’m mad at myself

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there! Ughhh…yes, I would be very upset too :(

      I’m really sorry that happened, although it sounds like something I would do myself, but hope you are able to give the cleanse another shot.

      Take care 😉

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