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Gluten-Free Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake




Yield 8 - 10 small servings

Raw / Vegan / Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free / Egg-Free / Soy-Free / No Refined Sugar


For the crust:

For the cheesecake:

For the topping:

For the garnish:


For the crust:

  1. Add all the ingredients for the crust to a food processor and process until it is a wet, crumbly texture.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a 6-inch spring form cheesecake pan, spread it evenly on the bottom of the pan, then press it down tight.  Set aside.

For the cheesecake:

  1. Optional:  Soak the cashews in filtered/purified water for 15-30 minutes, then drain and rinse.  This will make them soft which will make the mixture extra creamy.
  2. Add all the ingredients for the cheesecake to a Vitamix and blend until it's creamy and smooth, using the tamper if necessary.  
  3. Transfer the mixture into the cheesecake pan and pour it on top of the crust.  Once you have all the mixture in the cheesecake pan, tap it lightly a couple of times on your counter top so it will settle. 
  4. Put the cheesecake pan in the freezer for about 30 minutes so it can start to firm.

For the topping:

  1. Add all the ingredients for the topping to a small saucepan and melt on lowest heat until it's well blended, stirring the entire time to make sure it doesn't burn.
  2. Allow to cool completely before adding to the cheesecake.

For the garnish:

  1. Take about a 1/2 a spoonful out at a time and roll it into a small ball shape between the palms of your hands.
  2. Add the raw cacao powder to a small bowl and roll each peanut butter ball in the raw cacao powder until they are coated.  Some of the raw cacao powder will be absorbed into the peanut butter balls, but it gives it a nice visual effect.  You can re-roll them if you want them to be completely covered with the raw cacao powder right before serving.


  1. Once the cheesecake has started to firm and the topping has cooled off, remove the cheesecake from the freezer and pour the topping evenly over the top.
  2. Add the raw cacao powder covered peanut butter balls on top of the topping on the outer edge of the cheesecake.
  3. Optional: Sprinkle raw cacao powder over the top as an extra garnish.
  4. Return the cheesecake back to the freezer for 1-2 hours for it to harden.
  5. When ready to serve, remove the cheesecake from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator until it's soft enough to cut.
  6. Store in the freezer or refrigerator until ready to serve because it will get soft and lose it's shape if left out at room temperature.
  7. Enjoy!


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