Vegan Slow Cooker Black-Eye Peas


This is a simple vegan black-eye pea recipe that uses only 3 basic ingredients, can be made in the slow cooker or crock-pot, and can be made in a large quantity so you can freeze the leftovers and have another quick meal for another day.

A quick internet search will provide numerous black-eye pea recipes.  Some people, like myself, have a specific preference on the taste and texture of their black-eye peas, much like personal preferences for salsa and guacamole.

I like my beans to be soft and mushy with a thicker, creamy-type gravy to them.  If that’s how you like yours, then this recipe is just for you!

Since everyone has different tastes, I’ m just posting the basic recipe/foundation and you can add whatever ingredients you like to season and spice it up.

There are plenty of things you could add in…diced jalapenos, garlic, diced carrots, bay leaves, hot sauce, black pepper or even cayenne pepper.  Be creative!

I serve my black-eye peas over fresh, steaming hot brown rice and you can even round it out with some warm, fluffy Vegan Cornbread for the perfect vegan meal!

Black-eye peas are super nutritious and are an excellent source of vegan protein, fiber and iron.

I buy my organic dried black-eye peas from the bulk section at Whole Foods, but if you don’t have access to a Whole Foods, you can buy organic black-eye peas online here from Amazon.

So start with this basic version and customize it to the way you like it!



Tip #1:  Even though you may read that soaking black-eye peas is not necessary, it is better if you soak them overnight to enhance digestibility and increase nutrient absorption.  Put them in a large pot or bowl and make sure you have as much water as you do peas because they will soak up most of the water.

Tip #2:  During the first hour of cooking (and before adding the onions and salt), use a large spoon and try your best to remove the white, bubbly foam that rises to the top.  After about an hour or so of cooking and doing this, you can then add the onions and salt.  I used to add all the ingredients in at the beginning (before doing this step) and it was hard to avoid scooping out some of the onions and seasoned gravy.

Tip #3:  Not counting the soaking time, it will take approximately 6 – 12 hours for them to cook to the consistency in the photos.  I set my timer on high (6 hours) once, checked them, then set it a 2nd time on high (6 hours) for a total of 12 hours cooking time.  You may need to adjust the cooking time and setting depending on the type of slow cooker you are using.  After the initial 6 hours, just keep checking them until they are cooked the way you like.  Check the taste and adjust your seasonings as necessary.

Tip #4:  This recipe is for a double-batch, so you can freeze some for a later meal.  If you don’t need a double-batch, just divide all the ingredients in half.  Also, I used a large-sized crock-pot so if you will be using a smaller crock-pot or slow cooker, you may have to make a single batch so it will all fit.  Even with the large crock-pot, mine was filled almost to the top, but everything cooked well and I was able to stir it periodically without any trouble.

Tip #5:  I know that the whole idea of a cooking in a slow cooker is to put everything in there and forget about until it’s ready and it seems like there is a lot of stirring and checking on it as it cooks.  I happened to be able to check on mine throughout the day and stir it periodically.  I’m sure if you set the timer on high/6 hours, leave them unattended while at work, etc and came back without all the stirring and checking, they would be fine.  Just adjust the seasonings prior to serving.

Vegan Slow Cooker Black-Eye Peas The Healthy Family and Home


  • 6 cups dried organic black eye peas (soaked overnight)
  • 12 cups purified or distilled water
  • 2 organic onions (diced)
  • 2 - 3 tablespoons pink himalayan salt


  • 2 - 3 dried bay leaves
  • diced jalapenos (to taste)
  • black pepper or cayenne pepper (to taste)
  • diced garlic (to taste)


Step 1 Prepare the black-eye peas by soaking them in distilled or purified water overnight in a large pot or extra-large bowl with enough water . Rinse them well before adding to the slow cooker.

Put the soaked black-eye peas and 12 cups of water in the slow cooker and set the timer on "high/6 hours".

After about 1 hour, use a large spoon to remove the white, bubbly foam that rises to the top.

Add the diced onions, pink himalayan salt, and any other seasonings you'd like.

Stir well, and continue cooking for the remaining 5 hours, stirring periodically.

Check the peas after the first 6 hours to see if they are the texture you like and the gravy is how you'd like it.

If not, set the timer on "high/6 hours" for an additional 6 hours, checking each hour until they are how you like them.

Serve over hot brown rice.

If you make a double batch, you can freeze the leftovers for another meal.



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7 comments to Vegan Slow Cooker Black-Eye Peas

  • this recipe slays it! i cut the recipe in half and added a bay leaf and about 3 cloves of minced garlic and followed the recipe to a tee. i love how the peas break down a bit during the slow cooking process. i just used them as a replacement for pinto beans in isa chandra moskowitz’s recipe for chorizo sausages in the vegan brunch cookbook. over the top good! also excellent over sprouted short-grain brown rice with lightly fried jalepeno peppers on top.

    • Karielyn

      Hi Bee! I’m so glad you liked it! Oh wow…I am definitely going to have to make it again with the sprouted brown rice and jalapeno peppers…great idea!

      Thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback :)

  • Just popped it all in the crockpot….on the menu for tomorrow!

  • Bridgett

    I just realized it’s too late to put my soaked beans in the crockpot to be ready by dinner time! I there any way to get the same flavor and effect in a pot within 3 hours? Thanks

    • Karielyn

      Hi there Bridgett! Not to worry! Dinner can be ready in 1 – 2 hours. :)

      I learned how to make black eye peas from my parents (it’s a New Year’s Day dinner tradition in our family) but I eventually started making mine in the slow cooker.

      I just called my father because I couldn’t remember how I used to make them on the stove and he refreshed my memory.

      Option 1: If you have soaked the beans: put them in a large pot with 1 1/2 – 2 inches of water covering the beans. Cook on medium heat (slow boil) for approximately 1 hour checking on them periodically, stirring and adding more water if needed. They will be ready when the beans are soft.

      Option 2: If you didn’t soak the beans: put them in a large pot with 2 – 3 inches of water covering the beans. Cook on medium heat (slow boil) for approximately 2 hours checking on them periodically, stirring and adding more water if needed. They will be ready when the beans are soft.

      Since you already soaked your beans, you won’t need as much water or to cook them as long so you can just go with the directions for option 1.

      For both options though, you will need to season them to your preference (my recipe is just a basic recipe, you will need to add extra spices, onions, bay leaves, garlic, carrots, jalapenos, pepper, etc.) Also, add a little more water as you check on them, if needed. I like mine a little mushy but if you like yours with a little gravy, just add a little more water to them as they cook.

      Black-eye peas don’t really take as long to make on the stove so you should be fine for dinner.

      I hope that helps, you enjoy them, and that dinner is saved! ;)

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