Bolthouse Farms “Green Goodness” Fruit Smoothie

As an introduction before you read any further, I would like to say that I am not promoting this beverage or discouraging anyone from buying and consuming Bolthouse Farms “Green Goodness” Fruit smoothies.

This post is simply about my experience with them and sharing what I have learned since I first started buying them.

I used to purchase the Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Fruit Smoothies for my youngest son.

He would drink them by the glassful and immediately ask for more.

The reason I didn’t mind buying the Bolthouse Smoothies was because they were loaded with ingredients he wouldn’t regularly get from the other healthy beverages that he drinks throughout the day.

Even though the Bolthouse Farms line has lots of flavors to choose from, my thoughts were that I’d rather get the one that gives me the biggest bang for my buck in terms of nutrition – which is why the only Bolthouse Smoothie I used to buy was the “Green Goodness” – for it’s “green” ingredients.

Yes, they have the “Strawberry and Banana Fruit Smoothies” and other similar flavors which would certainly appeal to children and actually look quite delicious.

But if my children are going to drink a store-bought fruit smoothie (a very rare occasion), I would rather them drink one that contains ingredients they wouldn’t typically get – like spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, wheatgrass, and blue green algae.

I can basically make them a strawberry and banana smoothie at home.

But this is a “green” drink.  Surely it’s loaded with lots and lots of “green” ingredients, right?

You may already know this, but ingredients are listed on a nutrition label in the order of their content in the product.

For example:  The first ingredient has the most and the last ingredient has the least.

The first five ingredients in this product are:  Pineapple Juice from Concentrate, Apple Juice from Concentrate, Mango Juice from Concentrate, Banana Puree and Kiwi Puree.

This would explain the 27 grams of sugar.

The top 5 ingredients in this “Green” Goodness drink are not even “green” – they are sugary fruit juices.

But let’s take a look at the amount of the “green” ingredients.

A while back, I received some interesting information on 1/23/13 from a reader named Luke (thank you!) who brought to my attention the actual content of the “green” ingredients.

When you see the amounts in “mg”, it looks like a lot.  But he converted the “mg” amounts to a teaspoon amount and the results were even surprising to me.

I went to this website and confirmed all the figures myself.

I had previously converted them from “mg” to “teaspoons”, but the more accurate way to convert them would be from “mg” to “g” which I have updated below.

  • Spirulina – 5,130 mg equals 5.1300 g  (source)
  • Chlorella – 1,580 mg equals 1.5800 g  (source)
  • Barley Grass – 290 mg equals 0.29000 g  (source)
  • Wheatgrass – 290 mg equals 0.29000 g  (source)
  • Blue Green Algae – 200 mg equals 0.20000 g  (source)

As an example, the daily recommended intakes of the “green” ingredients listed above are:

  • Spirulina –  3 – 5 grams per day (source)
  • Chlorella – 3 – 4 grams per day (source)
  • Barley Grass – 1 teaspoon per day (source)
  • Wheatgrass – 3.5 grams per day (source)
  • Blue Green Algae – 1 tablespoon (source)

While you  may be getting the daily recommended intake of spirulina, the other 4 green ingredients fall short of their daily recommended intake.

You will need  to ask yourself:

  1. Does the recommended intake and health benefits of spirulina offset the 27 grams of sugar (or 54 grams if you drink an entire 16 ounce bottle) and pesticides you are drinking with it?
  2. Would you be better off just taking a spirulina supplement and grabbing a piece of organic fruit instead?

Basically, this is a pineapple, apple and mango juice fruit drink.  From concentrate. With 27 grams of sugar (or 54 grams if you drink an entire 16 ounce bottle).  Full of pesticides.


What’s wrong with 27 g of sugar…it’s from fruit so it’s ok, right?

Since this particular drink is marketed as a “green” drink, you wouldn’t expect it to have the sugar content that is does.  In a fruit beverage maybe, but not a “green” drink.

In all fairness, 27 g of fructose from fruit is definitely better than 27 g of high fructose corn syrup or white refined sugar in a coke.

But what you have to be careful about though, is the serving size. The 27 g of sugar in this product is for an 8 ounce serving…which isn’t very much and probably an unrealistic serving size for most adults.

If you drank two servings, or one 16 ounce bottle of Bolthouse, at one time (which is the same amount in an average sized bottled water) that would be 54 g of sugar.

(The newer bottles (12/2013) show 30 grams of sugar and the older bottles (5/2012) showed 27 grams of sugar. Since there are no other ingredients that would increase the sugar content, I have to wonder if they have increased the fruit juice content and lowered the “green” ingredients?)


Do Bolthouse Farms “Green Goodness” Smoothies Contain GMO’s?

Bolthouse used to have this as a FAQ on their website but have since removed it.  They now have a statement on their label that states:  “No Genetically Modified Ingredients“.

Finding and buying non-GMO foods is very important and it’s very good news to see “No Genetically Modified Ingredients” on the new products labels (which means none of the ingredients were genetically modified), but it doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not pesticides were used on those ingredients.

Just how important is it to worry about pesticides or if a product is organic or not?

Here is a list of the 3 main ingredients in the “Green Goodness Fruit Smoothie” and the potential toxins from pesticides:

  • Pineapples – 6 potential pesticide residues (source)
  • Apples –  42 potential pesticide residues (source)
  • Bananas – 12 potential pesticide residues (source)


But I Want Organic and I Support GMO Labeling. What Are My Options?

There are several things you can do if you want  a healthy organic smoothie and don’t want to support companies who are trying to prevent you from knowing which foods you buy contain GMO’s.

1.  Make your own smoothies!  Yes, a Vitamix is unparalleled when it comes to making smoothies but if you can’t afford a Vitamix a basic blender will serve you fine.  By making your own smoothies, you will have control over the costs, ingredients, fruit and vegetable combinations and best of all, organic produce.  Some of my favorite green smoothies are my Peachy Green Smoothie,  Green Power Smoothie,and Kale and Banana Green Smoothie.

2.  If you like Bolthouse Smoothies for their “on-the-go” convenience, consider buying other brands that are certified organic and from companies that do not oppose GMO labeling.   Below is a list of some I have personally tried and enjoy.  Some are already bottled up like a Bolthouse Smoothie and you just grab one and take it with you.  A couple are superfood powders you can use to make your own green smoothie.

There is no reason to purchase a non-organic smoothie loaded with pesticides.   

Here are some ORGANIC and non-GMO healthy juice alternatives:

Cell-nique Organic Supergreen Pomegranate Drink

“Amazing Grass” Green Superfood Drink Powders

 Sambazon Acai with Blueberry & Pomegranate Superfood Drink Blend

SueroViv Green Probiotic Cultured Whey Beverage

“Raaw Foods” Passion Fruit Wheatgrass Juice

Vibrant Health “Green Vibrance” Concentrated Superfoods



I Don’t Care About Organic Foods and I Don’t Care About GMO Labeling.

If you are not concerned with organic foods or financially supporting companies that oppose GMO labeling, I have listed the product information for the Bolthouse Green Goodness Fruit Smoothie below.  I had this information on hand because I personally USED to buy them.

Even though the big 52 ounce bottles are rather pricey, I’ve searched on ebay in the past for “Bolthouse Farms Coupons” and have found $1.00 off coupons in 10-20 lots.  If this is something you think you would buy a lot of, then you could try to find some coupons and save some money.  I used to buy mine at Whole Foods only because I don’t shop at Walmart anymore, but back in May 2012, Walmart carried this brand and they are a little cheaper by maybe a dollar or so.  So if you shop at Walmart, you might do better getting your Bolthouse Farm Smoothies there.   For me, the savings were just not worth the extra trip to Walmart just to buy that one item.


  • Anti-Oxidant Rich
  • 13 Servings of Fruit and Veggies per bottle
  • 4  1/2 Apples (from concentrate) per bottle
  • 3/4 Pineapple (from concentrate) per bottle
  • 1  1/2 Mangos (from concentrate) per bottle
  • 1  1/2 Bananas (from puree) per bottle
  • 1  1/2 Kiwis (from puree) per bottle


  • Not organic
  • All the “green” ingredients do not meet daily requirement intake
  • Pricey for not even being organic (look for coupons on ebay or purchase from Walmart)
  • High in sugar – 30 grams
  • Flash Pasteurized (some loss of nutrients from the heating process)
  • Can’t be purchased online
  • Bolthouse Farms is part of Campbell’s Soup Family (important if you oppose GMO’s and support GMO labeling)

Nutritional Information (from old product label dated 5/31/12):

This is for one (8) ounce serving:

  • Calories:  140
  • Saturated Fat:  0 g
  • Trans Fat:  0 g
  • Cholesterol:  0 mg
  • Sodium:  25 mg
  • Potassium:  470 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates:  33 g
  • Dietary Fiber:  1 g
  • Sugars:  27 g
  • Protein:  2 g
  • Vitamin A:  120%
  • Vitamin C:  105%
  • Calcium:  2%
  • Iron:  15%
  • Folic Acid:  30%
  • Riboflavin:  7%
  • Vitamin B6:  15%
  • Vitamin B12:  30%
  • Manganese:  150%
  • Zinc:  120%

Other Nutrients (from old product label dated 5/31/12):

  • Spirulina:  5130 mg  –  (or 5.1300 g)
  • Chlorella:  1580 mg  –  (or 1.5800 g)
  • Green Tea:  405 mg  –  (or 0.40500 g)
  • Broccoli:  390 mg  –  (or 0.39000 g)
  • Spinach:  390 mg  –  (or 0.39000 g)
  • Barley Grass:  290 mg  –  (or 0.29000 g)
  • Wheat Grass:  290 mg  –  (or 0.29000 g)
  • Blue Green Algae:  200 mg  –  (or 0.20000 g)
  • Echinacea:  200 mg  –  (or 0.20000 g)
  • Garlic:  200 mg  –  (or 0.20000 g)
  • Jerusalem Artichoke:  17 mg  – (or 0.017000 g)
  • Lemon Bioflavonoids:  17 mg  –  (or 0.017000 g)
  • Nova Scotia Dulce:  a hint
  • Zinc:  115 mg
  • Manganese:  19 mg
  • Iron:  17 mg
  • Folic Acid:  765 mcg
  • Vitamin A:  23 mg
  • Vitamin B6:  190 mcg
  • Vitamin B12:  11 mcg
  • Vitamin C:  400 mg

Ingredients (from old product label dated 5/31/12):  Pineapple Juice From Concentrate (Water, Pineapple Juice Concentrate), Apple Juice From Concentrate (Water, Apple Juice Concentrate), Mango Puree From Concentrate (Water, Mango Puree Concentrate), Banana Puree, Kiwi Juice, Spirulina, Natural Flavor, Chlorella, Zinc Monohydrate, Green Tea, Spinach, Broccoli, Ascorbic Acid, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Echinacea, Garlic, Blue Green Algae, Jerusalem Artichoke, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Nova Scotia Dulce.

Note:  New, updated labeling, nutritional information and ingredient list from a current bottle dated 12/10/12 can be found in the photos shown above.  They removed all the detailed information about the “green” ingredients on the new labels.



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  1. G says

    Looking at the label, it now says No Genetically Modified Ingredients, so maybe that is why they removed it from the FAQ?

    • Karielyn says

      Yes, you are absolutely correct! I had originally written this post based on information I had off the old label from 5/2012. They have indeed updated their product labeling to state this product contains “No Genetically Modified Ingredients”. I have re-written the post and updated it with current photos and information. Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention! :)

  2. rocky says

    Interesting…most of the reviews were nowhere this detailed for Bolthouse Farms “Green Goodness”

    Regarding ‘Flash Pasteurized’, is there any other way to preserve a bottled smoothie?

    Also, what do you think of Naked Juice “Green Machine” & Odwalla “Original Superfood”


    • Karielyn says

      Hi Rocky! I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I’m not sure about the “flash pasteurization” but it is my understanding that anything heated over 115 degrees kills the living enzymes in the food, which is what would happen during flash pasteurization. To me, it kind of defeats the purpose of drinking juices/smoothies.

      As far as the “Naked Juice” and “Odwalla” brand (owned by Coke…I have never tasted or bought either of those brands and wouldn’t for the same reasons I stopped buying Bolthouse – they are not organic and they both significantly contributed to opposing GMO labeling and our right to know. PepsiCo (Naked Juice) contributed $1,716,300 to oppose GMO labeling and Coke (Odwalla) contributed $1,164,400 to oppose GMO labeling and our right to know. ( and (

      Best option would to be to juice fresh at home or grab one of the organic juices I listed in the post for on-the-go convenience. Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. says

    Hi there,

    Fantastic post, ya bolthouse smoothies are made from concentrate.

    I do not trust their labeling as you type in youtube bolthouse farms truth you will find their website and label for bottles dont match,contacted company and it took forever for them to admit it plus found out (not huge deal to me but still)…bolthouse is very right wing and donated over $100,000 for anti-gay marirage legislation ..ther ar eothe roptions. I make my own smoothies!

    Also foudn out naked smoothies are beign sued (lawsuit they put many bad chemicals in thier products and ARE NOT GMO FREE, so don’t trust bolthosue would be my adice. again video on youtube if intersted.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Luke…I went to the YouTube “Bolthouse Farms Truth” video and yes, that makes me angry. I could see from the ingredient list on the nutrition label that the first 5 ingredients were fruit concentrates (which explains the 30 grams of sugar!), but didn’t pick up on the miniscule amount of “greens” they claim to give the drink it’s “goodness”. For example, the video showed that the spirulina content is actually less than 1/2 teaspoon, the broccoli content is less than one floret, and the spinach content is less than 1 spinach leaf. Good call…I missed that. I would not buy or support Naked Juices because they are owned by Pepsico and Odwalla is owned by Coca Cola, who both oppose GMO labeling. I agree with you 100%…make your own smoothies and juices at home with organic produce! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. linda says

    What an excellent and informative page. Don’t know who to trust anymore and what all these companies agenda is. Thanks for the info!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Linda…Thanks and I guess (as of now) the safest foods we can trust are organic, homegrown or from small local farms. Hopefully that won’t change either. Thanks for visiting :)

  5. says

    I just called Bolthouse Farms inquiring about the natural flavors listed on their ingredient list. They are unwilling to share that information. I will not be buying any of their products because of this. They could not even guarantee that they are plant based ingredients.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Lori…Wow! Good for you for calling! That’s what we are going to have to do to keep ourselves safe from these deceitful foods – reading labels and being more aware of what we buy and who we buy from. There are so many other organic juices and smoothies to chose from out there. Good job! :)

  6. Khaleda says

    FFFFFFFF!!!! i just had the green smoothie for breakfeast thikining it was healthy! so mad now…okay well i will never buy it again – i should have just had an organic apple!!
    thanks for all the info everyone :)

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Khaleda! I know how you feel..I felt the same way when I found out. We just have to keep reading labels, stay informed about the products we buy and who we buy them from and most importantly, share this information and educate others. Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Linda says

    Below is the updated Nutritional Information (from old product label dated 3/14/13):

    •Calories: 140
    •Saturated Fat: 0 g
    •Trans Fat: 0 g
    •Cholesterol: 0 mg
    •Sodium: 45 mg
    •Potassium: 420 mg
    •Total Carbohydrates: 33 g
    •Dietary Fiber: 2 g
    •Sugars: 30 g
    •Protein: 2 g
    •Vitamin A: 70%
    •Vitamin C: 110%
    •Calcium: 4%
    •Iron: 6%
    •Riboflavin: 10%
    •Vitamin B6: 15%
    •Folate: 10%
    •Vitamin B12: 25%
    •Zinc: 180%
    •Manganese: 110%
    •Zinc: 120%

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Linda…Is it updated/current as of 3/2013 or from an older label? Did you mean older label from 3/14/2012 instead of 3/14/2013? Thanks for the info :)

  8. Eric says

    I had this yesterday and it made me feel really horrible. Almost immediately after drinking it, nausea set in. Today I feel as if I have allergies – runny nose and all around achey feeling. I’ve been eating mostly organic for the past couple of years and I made an exception for this Green Goodness. Never again.


    • Karielyn says

      Hi Eric…That’s great you are eating mostly organic! I know exactly how you feel though. As soon as I realized what I had been buying was not good, I stopped immediately too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  9. danialina says

    Hi, I too noticed that the amount of “green” ingredients could not be very much, simply because you cannot taste the spirulina. For those who know, spirulina has a somewhat “fishy” taste, similar to that of nori, or other sea vegetables/algae. The only time I buy Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness is if I’m away from home. I always carry green powders with me when traveling, such as wheatgrass and spirulina powder (even acai on occasion), and I mix it with the bolthouse. That way, I still feel like I’m getting my fruits and veggies, and my green ingredients. Another tip if you drink this at home, would be to blend it into your green smoothies…

  10. Tricia says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post! I use to drink Bolthouse and Naked juices in the past, but they tasted so sweet that I always wondered how much of the green good stuff I was actually getting. The conversion to teaspoons really drives the point home. Very enlightening. Thank you!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Tricia! You are welcome and I too was very surprised.

      And you’re right..once you look at the ingredients and amounts very closely, that’s when you realize the true facts and why it’s important to stay vigilant.

      Thanks for visiting :)

  11. Pepper says

    I commend what you’re doing here. At least I know what I’ll be drinking every morning. No, they’re not perfect but until I find something ready-made for during the week, it’s what I’m drinking. I just don’t have time to make fresh smoothies every morning before work when I have dogs to walk, get ready and at my desk by 6:30am. On weekends I go to my smoothie place. Gotta have my fresh wheatgrass & kale.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Pepper! Yes, sometimes we just have to do the best we can with what we have to work with…sounds like you are really tight on time in the mornings lol!

      Smoothies aren’t really a “make-ahead” beverage so that does present a challenge.

      Have you ever tried to grow your own wheatgrass? I do it with a soil-free grower and it’s super easy, my young boys actually help grow it. If you have a juicer you could juice the night before and store it in an air-tight container and just grab it to go in the mornings. You could definitely make a wheatgrass and kale juice + whatever other goodies you want to add in.

      Just a thought..thanks for stopping by and visiting :)

  12. Person says

    i appreciate the post, i am just starting to eat healthier and am not doing the best yet but i am pleased to know that info, its still better right now than drinking mt dew all day and eating crap, at least im getting some veggies/fruits, where i live you cant get very fresh fruit in the winter and this stuff makes me feel better than not having any, my health has improved a bit and so has my energy. After reading this i can safely say i will only drink it till i know more about organic ingredients and food. :) thanks again

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there! You are doing great…any changes you make towards healthier eating are better than making none at all.

      And you are absolutely correct. Even though these may not be the very best beverage choice out there, they are much much better than drinking a canned soft drink.

      So don’t worry about being perfect with your food choices, just try to make the healthiest choice when options are available and that’s exactly what you are doing.

      Just take it with small steps, learn about healthy ingredients and which ones to avoid and you’ll be fine.

      Thanks for stopping by and the best of luck :)

  13. aminton says

    As far as Spirulina requirements are concerned…the daily recommended intake is 3-5 grams, which equals .6 teaspoons. Looks like they have it covered there!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there…you are correct. I have updated and corrected that information in my post.

      Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  14. Jenn says

    Oh wow. I’m so glad i’ve found this while researching more about this drink. I’ve never tried Bolthouse Farms ‘Green Goodness’ smoothie, but i did try the 15 oz Naked Juice ‘Green Machine’ today. Curiousity got the best of me and i wanted to know how ‘pure’ & ‘healthy’ it really was.

    Even though they pretty much have the same ingredients, i have noticed the Bolthouse has a higher nutritional value. Strange =/

    I’ve been eating so much healthier this month while doing more research on organic foods & GMOs. I’m trying to avoid GMOs as much as possible. I’m honestly pretty upset that i thought Naked Juice ‘Green Machine’ would be good for me cause i personally love the taste.

    I still want to use the same key ingrediets it has listed on the bottle (apple, pineapple, mango, etc.) but i’m not sure what type of green powdered alternative (spirulina, chlorella, etc.) i should use.

    Do you know any good mixed green powders that contains spirulina, chlorella, & alot of other vitamins/minerals together?

    Hopefully that aren’t too expensive?

    What would you recommend?

    Thanks :)

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Jenn! That’s awesome that you are being proactive as far as learning about GMO’s and reading ingredient labels!

      I do have a green powder that I use on a regular basis that has spirulina, cholorella, and even probiotics.

      I wrote a detailed post about with with all the nutrition data:

      After checking around a couple of places, the large 60 day container was the best buy and comes to a little under $1.00 per day. It is a lot more expensive to buy at Whole Foods.

      Also, I was buying separate containers of spirulina, chlorella, probiotics, etc and I like the Green Vibrance because it has everything in just one container and one scoop.

      I hope this helped and keep up the good work on eating healthy 😉

  15. Dawn says

    I was wandering around sproutes “looking” for something to go with my lunch when I spotted the green goodness. I did what I always do, I flipped the bottle around and read the label. After reading I opted for the carrot juice. List of ingredients: carrots. No added sugar and not from concentrate. Side bar: the nija blender is 1/2 the price of a vita mix and works even better. I got one for my birthday and it has a LIFETIME warranty. Keep reading labels!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Dawn! Good job…you can’t go wrong with 100% carrot juice!

      Congratulations on your Ninja…I have a good friend that has one too and she loves it.

      Thanks for stopping by 😉

  16. Amy says

    I used to drink a lot of Naked Juice, but when I learned that they were owned by Pepsi I switched to Bolthouse Farms. I was drinking a lot of Bolthouse Farms, but then stopped several months ago because of having a lot of GERD and I thought the drinks were one of my triggers. Anyway, I have been feeling better, so I bought a Green Goodness this past weekend, and then last night drank half the bottle. About an hour later I started having a very sore throat, and it’s still really sore. I feel like I am coming down with a cold. NO more Bolthouse Farms for me!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Amy! I’m sorry about your GERD troubles but am glad to know that you may have found what was aggravating it.

      It’s really good that you are drinking juices…maybe you could try to make your own fresh juices at home with a juicer?

      I hope you are able to find or make a juice that will make you feel better and help with your GERD.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  17. says

    Hi Karielyn,

    Thanks for sharing this resource! I just found out about “Naked” and started Googling about my favorite- “Bolthouse Farms” and stumbled upon your article. This makes me so sad! :-( I will still probably grab and get it in a pinch (from my perspective– it’s still better than soda), but I must get serious now about juicing and using my Vitamix! Nervous, but excited! Thank you so much for sharing your research and wisdom!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Melodee! I agree with you 100%…if there is a better option (like a Vitamix!) for juice I would definitely go with that, but sometimes it’s there isn’t a better option and this would always be better than a soda.

      Thanks for your comments and for stopping by 😉

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Joel! I know, I just recently read about Naked Juice and Pepsico…very similar, especially the fact they both companies spent so much money trying to defeat Proposition 37 and avoid GMO labeling.

      Now we know why.

      It’s good that more and more people are becoming aware and taking action.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the feedback 😉

  18. Tiffany says

    Thanks for this post! I love these drinks but are they really GMO-free? I always get the carrot juice because of the high vitamin A content, can I keep buying these? My list of non-GMO foods gets smaller and smaller everyday it seems!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Tiffany! The bottles I used to buy over a year ago did not state they were GMO-free, so that was a big concern for me.

      However, within the past year, they have updated their packaging/labeling and now show it as GMO-free.

      Even though they are labeling it GMO-free, another concern is that because the carrots are not organic, they could be exposed to up to 26 different pesticides:

      Have you ever thought about making fresh carrot juice at home? It’s really easy and you don’t even need a really expensive juicer to do it. Whole Foods has 10-15 lb bags of organic juicing carrots and I bet if you add up the cost of the Bolthouse Carrot Juice bottles and breakdown the serving size of the organic juicing carrots, you probably would be saving money.

      And, you can add other healthy things to your carrot juice too. One of my favorite juices with carrots is my Carrot Apple and Celery Juice:

      It’s great that you are trying to avoid GMO’s and eat healthy…it’s really hard to do these days.

      Keep up the good work 😉

  19. Taylor says

    Didn’t really enjoy this article at all. Your tone was not at all scientific in nature. I don’t feel as though I could trust you in what you are saying. Also this article is not unbiased as I would of preferred it to be. You don’t like their product and that’s really the only side of the coin you showed the readers. If this article had a pros and cons list then it would of been better. In closing this article was a attack from the get go with spotty hard scientific evidence and a boat load of bias.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Taylor…Sorry you didn’t enjoy the “article”.

      It was never my intention to write this as a “scientific” piece documenting “hard scientific evidence” about a fruit smoothie…this is a food blog, not Consumers Digest lol.

      I would never “trust” what I read on a someone’s personal blog anyway. Do your own research and gather your own scientific evidence.

      I’m simply sharing a consumers point of view and my experience of what I have personally learned about the product.

      And you’re completely wrong about showing pros and cons. I clearly showed the benefits AND drawbacks of the product and even went so far as to share where to get coupons to use if you choose to buy it…how is that a “boatload of bias”?

      It makes absolutely no difference to me if you buy this product or not, as long as you have all the facts.

  20. Rosa says

    Hey thanks for the article. I actually buy Bolthouse green goddess once in a while and love the taste. It is definitely NOT as good or healthy as homemade smoothies but it does wonders when you are out shopping and dont want to eat fast food. It has always tasted more like a fruit juice to me since I know how pronounced green veggie flavor is in homemade ones. What benefits do green powders have and how often can they be used?

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Rosa! I agree with you, there are better things you could buy to drink, but there are also definitely worse things and the Bolthouse drinks are a much better alternative than a soda, drinks with high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, food colorings, etc or like you said, fast food.

      Homemade or organic is always best, but that’s not always an option.

      For me, the benefit of using green powders is convenience, in place of fresh veggies when I am out or ones I can’t make/juice at home like chlorella, spirulina, etc. I do grow my own wheatgrass at home, but have also bought wheatgrass powder to use.

      Since greens are very cleansing and detoxifying, I only use them in powder form no more than once a day.

      Thanks for your question 😉

  21. Skai Juice says

    Hi there…Thanks for this info. From reading this article I wouldnt stop drinking this…except for the fact that it isnt organic. I dont eat organic all the time, but the fact that it doesnt have lots and lots of greens and too much fruit….to me is bogus. Im over the too much fruit conversation. And when Im out on the road this may be the best option. I mean afterall it is not fresh homemade…its a bottled product…and like you said its pasteurized. For my children, I would most likely purchase water if we are out without anything…but I have bought this and may continue to.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there…just wanted to mention the reason “too much fruit” was highlighted in my post is not because too much fruit is necessarily bad, but because this product is labeled and being promoted as a “green” drink.

      Otherwise, the fact that it doesn’t have lots and lots of greens and too much fruit wouldn’t be an issue for me either, other than the fact that it’s not organic.

      Thanks for your comment and input :)

  22. Laura says

    Hello! I enjoyed your “article” a lot, I’m with you, my husband used to love the Green Goodness and also the chocolate protein one, I’m an organic non-gmo freak (even my cats eat organic) and already turned him like that (married just 1 year), either way he had learn a lot about gmo’s and all the bad products around, we started to grow our own organic vegetables, herbs and fruits at home, of course I make my own juices and smoothies and try to make everything from scratch, I got an organic cocoa for smoothies to add that chocolate taste from the bolthouse because my husband was sad when I told I wasnt gonna buy Bolthouse anymore because it was owned by Campbell’s and obviously you cant expect any good from that group, if gmo’s arent bad why not labeling right?, but now he is super happy with that cocoa powder, adds delicious flavor to smoothies without all the calories, also honestly I dont find excuses to buy bolthouse, you dont have time? Sometimes i make a fruit smoothie in the night, leave it in the blender, get up and give it a quick blend and give it to my husband and is still delicious and organic, also I support gmo labeling, so why would I buy something that is against it! And if people give this to their kids they should think about the amount of pesticides!! World is already toxic enough, also when juices are concentrate they lose their properties in the process, so like you said you end up with sugar and pesticides… So better eat an organic fruit or vegetable! And to finish lol i gotta say since i started reading labels and eat only organic or at least non gmo our health has improved, we dont eat any process food and try to do a lot of raw and guess what? I lost over 20 pounds and I keep losing every week about a pound or 2 and i have never felt so great! I’ll keep a look on your blog! Best wishes to you and your family!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Laura! Wow…I just love your comments and story!

      You and I are a lot alike in many ways and the thing that stands out the most for me is the weight loss after eating raw foods.

      The only time I’ve ever been able to lose weight is when I eat 100% raw and I can eat ~whatever~ I want and still lose a pound or two a week (sometimes more) just like you!

      It’s just amazing what happens when we eat foods that are clean and nourish our bodies.

      Thanks for sharing and that is so awesome that you are on the path to healthy eating 😉

  23. says

    This has been so interesting I am trying to eat health I do have a juice machine and have been doing my own but for some reason mine just don’t taste as good as the ones I just bought and they were Bolthouse Farms mine do not have that creamy texture if some one has some recipes to share I would try.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Roberta! The Bolthouse drinks are more like a smoothie than a juice… I wonder if you could just juice your greens then add the fresh juice to a blender and blend with an avocado to give it a creamy, smooth texture like a typical smoothie?

      Avocados are used a lot in smoothie recipes and that way you would be getting fresh, homemade juice with a smoothie consistency 😉

  24. Jerry says

    Nice article, my reason for green goodies by bolthouse is on the go. We shouldn’t expect to meet all our daily requirements in one meal. I’m like the ready to drink products both protein & fruits & veggies, it’s great to start the day when time is short or after a work out when you need to refresh. For a meal, I prefer to prepare my veggies, it aids the digestion process. People are apples & oranges, they want it all, the more the better & the less just isn’t enough. The human body isn’t a garbage disposal, it’s intelligent enough to know what to do, when to do it & how to do it. The problem with process foods is there’s just to much the body can’t utilize. In theory, the body wasn’t designed for the foods we eat today while the easy access foods at the market is a billion dollar business with one objective & in the process keep a person healthy enough to come back for more & the most favorite ingredient & most addicted is sugar. I have also tried Naked green machine which I loved & has no sugar except what comes in the fruits. Of course making my own veggie smoothie is the best way but living in the big city is fast paced with little time for growing a garden while if I could have such time on my hands, I would grow my own veggies & have myself a pecan tree in the backyard which I had as a young lad back in the 80’s. There’s nothing like home sweet home. For me it doesn’t matter how much of this or how much of that is in the bottle, just give me something to make till I’m able to sit down & prepare a meal. Some fruits I prefer to eat such as banana while when fruits are out of season, it’s always cool to have some veggie juices bottles in the refrigerator. Well I’m about to have some Bolthouse Green Goodies :)

  25. Rebecca says

    I must have missed the part of this article that proves beyond doubt that they are not organic and GMO. ( being part of Campbell is not proof) And that the labeling is an all out lie and deception. No one should be using any of this as a meal replacement, its a drink to be had occasionally. I would rather my son drink this than a coke, or diet coke. If you dig hard enough you will find issue with damn near everything, unless you grow your own orchard, which I do not have time for. I drink the C-boost and the Mocha coffee one, usually at work mixed with carbonated water. There is NO added sucrose, or high fructose corn syrup. Maybe we should all just drink water…wait no my water is full of chemicals…..

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Rebecca…no where in the article did I question or try to prove whether the product is organic or contained GMO’s. If it’s not labeled with the “USDA Organic” label (which it’s not), then it’s not organic. I provided a photo showing the labels that clearly states “No Genetically Modified Ingredients” for anyone concerned whether the product contained GMO’s. Based on these points, one could assume the product is not organic but does not contain GMO’s.

      Neither did the article state or claim the labeling was an “all out lie” or “deception”. After reviewing the label in detail, I simply showed that the product is made with primarily concentrated fruit juices. The product does contain the green ingredients as stated on the ingredient label, although they are not the “main” ingredients in the “green smoothie”.

      And I agree with you 110% about it being much, much better than a soft drink and much better than other fruit juices/smoothies out there with added sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc.

      We all should be vigilant about reading product and ingredient labels (even organic ones) and know what is in the foods we buy and eat so we can make informed decisions.

      Thanks for your input :)

  26. Crystal says

    This blog gives so much good information, thank you. And I just want to say that you handle yourself very gracefully when responding to opposing opinions, good for you :)

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Crystal! Thanks so much for your comments. When I wrote the post, I was just sharing my personal experience and since my blog is primarily a food/recipe blog, it has become my most “controversial” post, if you’d call it that.

      I respect everyone’s opinion and am not trying to persuade anyone one way or another…just sharing information.

      Thanks for taking them time to leave your comment, I really appreciate it 😉

  27. Sandy Storms says

    We should be lobbying for new laws that forbid misrepresentation on food labels, and GMO’s. Europe has forbidden GMO’s, which is why I buy a lot of their products to use when I am not working from scratch.
    I grew a lot of my own vegetables this past summer – it was easy, cheaper, and delicious!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Sandy! I agree with you 100% and I would love to be able to grow my own vegetables too…I would save so much money!

      Thanks for your feedback 😉

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Ramon! Thank you for your question, but I’m afraid I would not be able to answer that for you as I am not qualified to give medical advice.

      You should check with your doctor or health care provider to see if this product would be safe to consume with diabetes 😉

      I used Google Translator for this translation, I hope it translated it correctly:
      Hola Ramon! Gracias por su pregunta, pero me temo que no sería capaz de responder a eso para ti como no estoy calificado para dar consejos médicos.

      Usted debe verificar con su proveedor médico o cuidado de la salud para ver si este producto estaría a salvo a consumir con diabetes :)

  28. Tom says

    I’ve been trying Bolthouse drinks (the coffee ones) for a little while now. When my daughter pointed out the sugar content, I did some research. You ding this drink for fructose, when in fact sugar from fruit is not nearly as bad as the sucrose from processed sugar and corn syrup. I have read other nutritionists who support fructose as a “good” sugar (which I put in quotes because the good is relative to other sugars).

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Tom! I wouldn’t say I was “dinging’ the sugar content in the drink, but simply pointing it out, especially since this particular drink is marketed as a “green” drink in which case you wouldn’t expect to have the sugar content that is does. In a fruit beverage maybe, but not a “green” drink.

      I agree with you, 27 g of fructose from fruit is definitely better than 27 g of high fructose corn syrup or white refined sugar in a coke.

      But what you have to be careful about though, is the serving size. The 27 g of sugar in this product is for an 8 ounce serving…which isn’t very much and probably an unrealistic serving size. If you drank two servings at one time (which is the same amount in an average sized bottled water) that would be 54 g of sugar.

      As far as nutritionists who support fructose as a “good” sugar…there are numerous articles, research, doctors and couch commentators that all take different positions on whether fructose is a “good” sugar, causes damage to the liver, etc and it would bring a much heated debate from both sides…and one that I am not interested in engaging in here 😉

      There are people with certain health conditions that would find it very difficult to consume 27 – 54 g of fructose/good sugar at one time, let alone in one beverage (ex. diabetics, fatty liver, etc).

      I think that making a blanket statement that just because fructose is a “good” sugar it’s ok to consume wouldn’t work across the board because it all comes down to the fact that everyone’s body is different and reacts to fructose consumption differently.

      Thanks for your feedback 😉

  29. Adri says

    Hi! So I just tried the Vanilla Chai and I really liked it, but I decided I would research to see how healthy the brand was and came across this. I understand that it’s not the healthiest drink, but I wanted to know what your take on just buying it for the flavor was? I’m not too worried about my fruit intake and my diet considering GMOs since they’re pretty much unavoidable, but would you say that these drinks are the “healthier choice” compared to buying something from some Coffee Shop or other Fast Food place? I’ve been trying to avoid some of the unhealthier products and thought these drinks aren’t perfect, I want to believe they are “better”.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Adri! Yes, I agree with you completely…there are definitely worst things to be drinking (like the fast food and coffee shop drinks you mention) and, of course, there are better. But sometimes, especially when you are traveling, etc. there may not be healthier options available.

      If drinking it for the taste keeps you from drinking a soda or something bad like that, then yes, I would definitely take that over the latter option.

      Don’t feel bad about drinking it if you like it and some of the things I’ve pointed out (non-organic, pesticides, high sugar, etc) aren’t a concern for you…everyone is different and has different dietary and health goals and we are all in a different place in our journey…just do what’s right for you.

      Thank you for your question and for visiting 😉

  30. Jessica says

    Why does the label pictured above look distorted and altered? Also I am drinking one now and that is not what my label says.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi Jessica…I have no idea. I went back and looked at the original photo (before I added the red circle to highlight data on the label and add my watermark) and it looks exactly the same. The photo was taken with an iPhone, in a hurry, at the grocery store. I can assure you I have no time or motivation to distort or alter the label.

      If your label is different than what is shown in my photo, that would make a total of (3) different product labels (that we know of) since I first posted the article. I’ve already had to update the product label data twice from my original post on December 10, 2012 and again on May 31, 2013 (as I indicated in the article). It’s not uncommon, or suspicious at all for companies to change/update their product labels.

  31. Ben Johnsen says

    So give your child water and milk sparingly then, I find this to be a way better option than drinking tap soft drinks from fast food restaurants. I don’t know but 16oz. Of anything besides water is real healthy.

  32. Anthony says

    Adri post really hit home for me. I just started drinking the Daily Green, Carrots and Chocolate Protein Plus from Bolthouse, I was excited I finally found something healthy I like. I weight over 300 pounds and try to get my diet and bad eating habits in control. As I am reading and learning more about what is good and bad in the food and drink we eat; every time I think I found something good, there is something bad about it. I start eating Salmon, careful if it is farm raised. Sushi restaurant don’t tell you if it is or isn’t. Now researching about juices is very disheartening. I see some sites mentioning Suja juice drinks. Are they something you have researched and recommend? For now I am going to stick with Bolthouse products, cause they are still better then getting Iced Tea and Croissant with bacon and butter that I use to get in the morning, and better then a cheeseburger and nuggets for lunch. Thank you for your input.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Anthony! First, I’d like to congratulate you on making the decision and taking the steps to eat healthier..that’s great!

      Second, I just wanted to tell you not to get discouraged. I, myself, am frustrated and even overwhelmed at the massive amount of information out there and the ever increasing list of foods that I thought were good for you and are now questionable (rice = arsenic concern, raw spinach and kale = oxylates, nuts/seeds = phylates, protein powders = heavy metals, etc). It seems every time I turn around there is something new we are being told to avoid.

      But you have certainly made a very wise choice in changing what you eat for breakfast and lunch. Even though the Bolthouse drinks may have a few concerns (for some, not everyone) it is definitely much better than drinking a soda or what you were previously eating. It’s a great first step in the right direction!

      Just try to keep drinking your juices, lots of water and lots of fresh fruits and veggies and most importantly, enjoy a good ~balance~ of each.

      I haven’t heard of Suja juice, but just looked them up online. I am very impressed and it looks like something I would buy. If I had to choose between Bolthouse and Suja, I would choose Suji, primarily because they are organic and cold-pressed…but that’s just my opinion. They look kind of pricey though and may not be an option for everyone. But…if I had to choose between Bolthouse and a soft drink I would choose Bolthouse.

      Have you looked into buying a juicer and making your own fresh juices? You can get a fairly inexpensive juicer and make juice with your favorite fruits and veggies.

      Thanks for your question and keep up the good work 😉

  33. PoetG says

    Great Page I was very surprised to see the conversion WOW! I bought it a few times and my kids loved it but I to wondered about the true measure of what I was giving my family, so thank you so much for all you do! I had a chart of all the companies(hersheys,,coca-cola, campbells etc etc) and the Organic companies they own Ill see if I can find and post. Thanks again wont be buying that crap again :-)

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Andrew! The only things that concern ~me~ are 1) the product isn’t organic and 2) the sugar content. But that’s just ~my~ personal concerns.

      Everyone is different and things that are important to one person may not be to another. That’s why there are so many juice varieties, brands, flavors, prices and options to choose from 😉

      My opinion is, there are better (fresh, organic juices) and definitely much worse choices to make (cokes, artificially flavored, colored and sweetened fruit juices, etc).

      And everyone’s definition of “good for you” is different.

      For example, the popular sandwich chain, Subway, states in their Google description “SUBWAY® is the undisputed leader in providing consumers with choices, including many healthier meal options”

      They use the word “healthier”, but if you take a look at the ingredient list for their products: you would see their food is far from being “healthy” (or fresh for that matter).

      In fact, they list their “Black Forest Ham” sandwich as a feature item on their “Heart Healthy” menu, but look at the ingredients in the link listed above for “Black Forest Ham”…it’s horrible.

      “HAM (Black Forest) Ham cured with: Water, dextrose, 2% or less of modified food starch, salt,
      potassium lactate, seasoning [potassium chloride, pork stock, sugar, yeast extract, salt, lactic acid,
      fructose, sunflower oil, cysteine hydrochloride, calcium lactate, modified food starch, flavors, grill flavor
      (from sunflower oil), polysorbate 80, rendered pork fat, and smoke flavor], sodium phosphate, sodium
      diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, caramel color.”

      Yes, that ingredient is actually listed as a “heart healthy” option AND has the stamp of approval from The American Heart Association.

      And that’s not even including the bread!

      “9-GRAIN WHEAT Whole wheat flour, enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate,
      riboflavin, folic acid), yeast, sugar, wheat gluten, contains 2% or less of: calcium carbonate, soybean
      oil, salt, wheat, rye, yellow corn, oats, triticale, brown rice, barley, flax seed, millet, sorghum, caramel
      color, refinery syrup, vitamin D2, sunflower lecithin, natural flavor, honey, ascorbic acid, yeast extract,
      enzymes. Contains wheat.”

      My point is, there are a lot of people who would consider Subway to be a healthy food choice or “good for you overall”, and there are a lot of people who would disagree.

      And, just like the Bolthouse juices, there are better choices (organic bread, nitrate-free/organic sandwich meat, organic produce) and definitely much worse choices (greasy, fried fast-food hamburgers, fries, chicken, etc).

      So to answer your question, I think it’s up to the individual you ask and what their definition of “good for you” means since it is different for everyone.

      Thank you for your question :)

  34. jim borhan says

    Hey Karielyn, I just wanted to mention something about everyone who is worried about heat killing any active enzymes in these commercial products…Most people use a juicer that is centrifugal. due to the friction caused when the blades are spinning this can generate high amounts of heat that would mimic temperatures used in flash pasteurization. The only way to be 100% sure you are creating heat is to use the cold press method, which is very expensive. Also, there are many schools of thought that most of these enzymes are destroyed by our stomach acid anyways. Just putting the information out there. But thanks for the information either way :)

  35. Cassandra says

    I received this from the Bolthouse website. I do not believe that they spray their vegetables with pesticides. Even though some of their ingredients is concentrated, as you stated in your article, it is still better than drinking from most of what is out there today. Some folks might not be able to afford the Organic route, and I think Bolthouse isn’t a terrible choice to go with.
    “This is a program that prevents pesticide drift incidents. As a result, nearby people and crops are kept safe. Neighboring farms are contacted before any application to let them know when – and what – we’ll be applying. If they have any concerns, we work with them to make sure there’s no drift. This goes beyond industry standards and gives us a higher level of safety for our neighbors, our workers and our consumers.”

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Cassandra,

      I’m 99.9999% certain that if Bolthouse didn’t use pesticides, they would label their products certified “USDA Organic” or, state somewhere on their products ~specifically~ that they don’t. Since they do neither, we can only assume they do use pesticides.

      In fact, they do just the opposite.

      The quote that you provided directly from the Bolthouse website clearly discloses that they do in fact use pesticides and are proud of their “Spray-Safe Program”.

      “This is a program that prevents pesticide drift incidents. As a result, nearby people and crops are kept safe. Neighboring farms are contacted before any application to let them know when – and what – we’ll be applying. If they have any concerns, we work with them to make sure there’s no drift. This goes beyond industry standards and gives us a higher level of safety for our neighbors, our workers and our consumers.” source:

      I’m afraid you are wrong about their usage of pesticides.

      As far as it being better than other drink choices available (artificial colors, flavors, highly refined sugar, cokes, etc) or everyone not being able to afford organic…I agree with you 100%.

      Thanks for your comments 😉

  36. Laney E says

    My 13 year old had a severe allergic reaction 30 minutes after consuming part of a Bolthouse Farms smoothie (his second time consuming, first time was day before and no reaction…sensitized by the 2nd dose, the doctor said). No time for a hospital. 8 teaspoons of Benadryl later the hives from his scalp to his feet, his purplish throat area, red trunk, arms and blistered legs, swollen head and eyes along with the chills and nausea receded. Marks still visible on him the next day… and after I came out of survival mode…reality became clear. I returned the dozen or so bottles to grocery store and they suggested an incident report be completed. The store was great and the grocery chain’s corporate service called us the very next morning. They stated Bolthouse would also be calling us. It has been 12 days, no word from Bolthouse. Two docs said do not trust any ingredient labels. We also learned of FDA loopholes. I just want a bean with a string in it again and to not raise a child in a world where an Epi-Pen is a standard item all families have to carry when they eat since they cannot avoid dangers due to legally hidden GMO, processed allergens. Or as in the words if my 13 year old, “oh you mean that evil mutant smoothie.”

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Laney! I’m so sorry to hear about what happened, I’m sure that was a traumatic experience to go through.

      And I thank you for sharing your experience with other readers because it is very helpful to remind us to be vigilant with ingredient labels not only with Bolthouse products, but all foods/ingredients made with GMO’s, preservatives, food colorings, additives, pesticides, etc.

      I hope everything gets back to normal for you and your son soon :)

  37. curtis says

    I am really glad that I found this post. I tried the bolt house green and thought to myself this tastes pretty good for a green smoothie. That’s when I thought that if it tastes this good I need to look it up and see why. Now that I have read through all of your thorough info, I definitely will not be drinking it again. Will find recipes for my own smoothies and go from there. Thank you much.:-)

  38. Bree says

    Interesting! I just looked at my bottle (this is the first time I’ve tried this juice) and the NO GMO which was on the bottle in your picture…isn’t there anymore. The two other bullet points are, but the NO GMO has vanished.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Bree! Yes, I’ve noticed the labels have changed several times (as well as the GMO information on their website) several times since I first wrote the article.

      If “No GMO” is not on the labels anymore, that would lead me to believe they are no longer GMO-free.

      Thanks for the update 😉

  39. Bailey says

    im just wondering about the overall healthyness of it. I dont get much fruits and vegetables into my diet due to me being 19 with a grocery bagging job. (not much money for important food) so is this overall healthy for someone that doesnt get any fruits or vegetables into their diet or no? i dont care about the technicals of why its bad/good, I just need the overall helping me get my nutrition or not.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Bailey! I think in your situation, it would be a better choice than not eating any fruits or vegetables at all. The drink does have a good nutritional profile and it is definitely better than drinking a soft drink or eating fast food as an alternative.

      Thanks for your question ! 😉

  40. says

    OMG Look at you people!! Complaining about 27g of sugar have a can of pepsi it has 57g of sugar!
    You are complaining about pesticide? Are you fck serious? Just an example Did you know there are between 9-22 insect parts per chocolate bar? Did you know there are insects in all food which have proven to be the cause of most food allergies mainly coming from the cock roach? A. We cannot use too many pesticides in food or people would get sick and die young so all food will have some bug parts in it! B. If we try to grow Organic there may be a high consistency of insect Parts in the food which does not pass FDA standards so All Organic Farmers have to do something weather They claim it is organic or not! If you want organic go pick the bug parts out yourself!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Christopher, I don’t even know where to start correcting your erroneous and irrational statements but I definitely don’t have the time as it would be clearly wasted trying to convince someone who thinks the health consequences of ingesting pesticides vs “allergies” allegedly derived from an urban legend that chocolate bars contain insect parts?? ( are anywhere close to being on the same level of seriousness.

      And FYI, I don’t buy processed, store-bought, GMO chocolate bars with “bug parts” that need to be picked out lol…I make my own at home with 3 clean ingredients: organic raw cacao powder, organic maple syrup and organic coconut oil 😉

  41. Smoothie Drinker says

    The “natural ingredients” found in pepsi’s naked brand, coke’s odwalla & the other bolthouse brand are monosodium glutamate and-or aspartic acid, also known as aspartame, methyl alcohol, methanol, or wood grain alcohol.

    In other words, they are deliberately poisoning you to control population via making you ill & destroying the telemeres in your DNA – therefore raking in big bucks on allopathic “health care” while you march to the grave & give birth to profoundly messed up children who have autism, among other things.

    These are poisonous neurotoxins of which have -NO- safe human dosage in -ANY- amount. These poisons cause parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, dementia, they attack your liver, spleen, gall bladder, kidney’s, the insulation around your nerves & literally burn holes in your brain, among other things.

    This, like 99% of all our “food” supply, is nothing more than poison disguised as food – much like our ONE PARTY system is masquerading as a two-party system.

    But don’t take my word for it, or anything else you read. Educate yourself & do the legwork for your own research & let your conscience guide you in the choices you make for your health & your life.

    Last time I checked, your health & your life is priceless – and it would be to err in putting a dollar amount on it, thus monetizing your very vitality & existence.

    In short, one cannot trust our food delivery system on any level – from where it’s sourced, to it’s labels, to the big box monopolies that distribute & retail it to the dumbed-down public.

    The phrase “dumbed-down” is key… the 1% has -NO Interest- in an informed, educated & civil electorate. The very thought of slaves who have good health & can think is extremely offensive & an affront to our corporate slave masters.

    Peace, Life & Good Will to All.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Smoothie Drinker! It’s very important that everyone take responsibility for what they buy and put into their bodies and reading labels and reading up on toxic ingredients to avoid is the best way to start.

      This is true for everything we eat and drink…not just the Bolthouse drinks.

      Thanks for sharing 😉

  42. Mick says

    Hey Karielyn

    Thanks for your write up. I was aware of most of your stated facts regarding Bolthouse farms. They weren’t always a Campbell owned company. I’m writing you because… They changed the label… And ingredients again! I was buying their product because it was quick and easy for me. Next time you are in a store check it out. No more zinc, less vitamin A, almost all the greens are from a powder form now.
    Lost me as a customer.. After reading your article, I’m goin to start juicing.


    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Mick! Thanks so much for sharing the updated info about the new labels. I haven’t looked at a current label recently but that doesn’t sound good.

      I think you will be very happy with fresh, homemade juices where you will have control over the ingredients used.

      Thanks again 😉

  43. Breeanna says

    Well darn :(
    I actually liked the taste of these.. But I was at work and drinking one this morning and decided to do some research! Thanks for this post! Definitely won’t be consuming these anymore..

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Breeanna! Good for you for taking the initiative and reading food labels to learn about what’s in the foods you are eating!

      It’s a good habit to get in, not just for this product, but for everything you eat 😉

  44. Tim says

    I’ve been drinking it for a couple of months and can’t argue with how it’s made me feel. I feel great! I haven’t been sick as much, allergies have been better, digestion better, and I’ve had more energy. Stop trying to overthink everything using scientific validation. Yes, we can send robots to mars, but we still don’t know how the pyramids were built….

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Tim! Just keep in mind that toxins from pesticides and GMO’s are real and over time will cause more harm to your body than the change in energy, allergies and digestion you are experiencing now. You are experiencing these positive changes because you are ingesting the juices of fruits and vegetables which is great…but even better would be to ingest the juice of fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides, GMO’s and heat pasteurization. Try to find a balance between eating well and eating foods that won’t harm your body in the long run.

      Thanks for your feedback 😉

  45. Virginia says

    Thanks so much for this info! I had heard from a friend to try it out. I couldn’t figure out what was causing me to not lose weight. I finally did my research on this. Wow! So, no more for me! Thank you for working so hard on the research. God bless you!!

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Virginia! Thanks for reading and the best of luck on your weight loss and health journey 😉

  46. Nawsachi says

    Be careful. I could swear that Bolthouse Farms “Green Goodness” used to print “no genetically modified ingredients” as shown in the picture, but I have a bottle of it in my fridge and it says no such thing anymore. Only “No preservatives added” and “No artificial colors or flavors” and on the front it says “No sugar added.” (for the record it’s one of the slightly larger bottles, the “52 Fl. Oz.” one, so I don’t know if the smaller bottles still have the same label or not)

    I guess my only point to everyone reading this is, don’t get comfortable with the brands you trust… you never know what marketing decisions they’ve made since the last time you bought their product. Make sure to re-evaluate the labels of your favorite foods and drinks now and then, because they’ll change from time to time. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean Green Goodness or other Bolthouse Farms products contain GMOs… but it doesn’t mean they don’t either.

    • Karielyn says

      Hi there Nawsachi! Very good advice and I agree with you 100%! It’s good advice for all foods and brands too, not just Bolthouse :)

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