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Raw Vegan Lemon Meltaway Balls




Yield 18 small balls

Raw / Vegan / Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free / Lectin-Free / Egg-Free / No-Cook / Paleo-Friendly / No Refined Sugar


*Lectin-Free: use organic date nectar


  1. Add all ingredients to a food processor and process until everything is well combined. The mixture should have a smooth and thick consistency, like raw cookie dough.
  2. Test the mixture by taking out a spoonful to see if it's firm enough to roll into a ball shape. Depending on the type of sweetener you use, you may need to let them firm a little in the refrigerator before rolling into a ball. If they aren't firm enough to roll into a ball shape, put the mixture in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes, then remove and proceed to Step 3.
  3. Take a spoonful at a time and roll them into the palms of your hands into a ball shape.  If they start to stick to the palms of your hands, just rub a tiny amount of coconut oil on your palms and continue.
  4. Leave them plain, or roll the balls in organic shredded coconut flakes, organic cane sugar (not lectin-free) or organic powdered sugar (not raw or lectin-free).
  5. Place the balls on a baking pan lined with parchment paper and place them in the refrigerator for about 15-30 minutes to firm.
  6. Store in an air-tight BPA-free container in the refrigerator until ready to serve because they will get soft and lose their shape if left out at room temperature.
  7. Enjoy!


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